StemCell Maxum

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Suggested Serving: 2 Capsules / Day
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Healthy Habits Satisfaction Guarantee



Support Healthy Aging!

Our customers have made StemCell Maxum our best-selling supplement for many years. This all natural plant-based formula supports the healthy regeneration and replenishment process of adult stem cells, thereby supporting healthy aging.*

Most children recover rapidly because of the ability of young stem cells to regenerate damaged tissues. As we age, the stem cells with which we were born slowly lose their ability to repair themselves. Over time the telomeres (caps on the end of chromosomes) shorten and eventually all cell division stops. This is particularly important because as telomeres get shorter the aging process is accelerated.* Supplying your own adult stem cells with specific nutrients can help you to regain your youthful regenerative potential.*

StemCell Maxum benefits may include:

  • Supports healthy adult stem cell rejuvenation*
  • Supports a healthy cardiovascular system*
  • Supports a healthy immune system*
  • Supports healthy Comprehension and focus*
  • Supports healthy Endurance*
  • Supports healthy blood glucose levels*
  • Supports healthy blood pressure levels*
  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels*
  • Supports healthy breasts, colon, pancreas and prostate*
  • Supports healthy, young looking skin*
  • Supports healthy vision*

Scientific research is constantly finding new age-defying discoveries. Choosing the correct stem cell support can help prevent premature aging and help you feel better and look younger.* This is why it is so important to make Healthy Habits® StemCell Maxum, the finest stem cells support supplement available, a part of your daily regimen. Improve the effectiveness of your adult stem cells and regain your youthful regenerative potential by taking StemCell Maxum daily.* Regular and consistent users report the best results.

Healthy Habits® has been serving our customers for about 2 decades now and we take great care to deliver only the safest and most effective ingredients in the ‘clinically studied’ doses for all of our supplements.  Try it and if you don’t love it – you can simply call us to take advantage of our 365 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.





  1. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “StemCell Maxum gives me a lot of energy. I look better and feel better; I won’t be without it. I have an overall feeling of well-being and my skin looks much younger.” –Ingrid, FL

  2. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “StemCell Maxum is great! You read the testimonials and it sometimes seems a little iffy, but in this case they are very accurate. I’m pleased taking this product. Not only did it loosen up my shoulders but my sleeping patterns have improved dramatically.” –Shirley, NC

  3. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “StemCell Maxum has greatly improved my health, energy and total body well-being. I plan to continue taking this great supplement.’ –Robert, AZ

  4. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “The doctor at the VA hospital said that he hasn’t seen another man my age (83) with a perfect blood profile. My hair is getting darker too.” –Leo, MO

  5. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “It’s interesting – I’m just feeling better. I take a lot of vitamins but this Stemcell Maxum just makes me feel more normal for 84.’ –Ray, PA

  6. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “My father at 94 years old was bed-ridden, but after only one week taking StemCell Maxum he is out gardening and walking. He said he hasn’t felt this good in years.” –Alyssa, OR

  7. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “I’ve been taking StemCell Maxum for several weeks. I feel many years younger. This product is fantastic!’ –Roger, CO

  8. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “StemCell Maxum is making a difference in my life. I sleep better, feel better and my all around persona has changed. I even get out of bed better. This product is great. I’m ordering six bottles today.’ –Beverly, CT

  9. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “I love the StemCell Maxum. It is an excellent product. I can walk better and overall I feel better. This is the best product I have ever taken. I can’t be without it.’ –Michael, TX

  10. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “My husband has a stroke which caused him to fall often. Since using StemCell Maxum he hasn’t fallen at all. His memory has also improved. Thank you, I want to order more.’ –Susie, GA

  11. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “I am amazed at this product. I tried for ages to get my blood sugar levels down. I did everything I could possibly do to control my blood sugar: I lost weight, I ate better, but nothing helped. Then I started taking StemCell Maxum and I am AMAZED at what it did. In terms of lowering blood sugar this product is outstanding! The person that created this product is truly a lifesaver.” –Robert, AZ

  12. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “My dog has a displaced hip. The vet mentioned a hip replacement but I didn’t want to put him through that. I have been giving him StemCell Maxum and he is now running like he did in the past.” –Jean, MN

  13. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “My wife and I have been taking StemCell Maxum for a couple months and we have seen a huge improvement in our memory and body comfort. My wife has memory problems, and since she has been taking it her memory has had a huge improvement. I also noticed that my knees feel dramatically better since I have been taking it. I recommend StemCell Maxum to everyone.” –Harold, CO

  14. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “When I first heard of this product I couldn’t wait to order it, and I’m so glad I did. I’m 69 years old and after using StemCell Maxum I feel like I’m 30 years old again, and am healthier than ever. It’s such a great product and I’ll continue to recommend it to my family and friends.’ –Alice, CA

  15. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “Every day I am getting better and better. My ability to focus mentally has become sharp and crisp, increasing by 300%, as well as my productivity. I am 65 years old and I feel 30 years younger. StemCell Maxum is not too good to be true–it really works!” –Michael, AL

  16. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “My son and I both take StemCell Maxum and love it! I have more energy than ever. My son, who was a heavy smoker, has stopped smoking heavily and now only on occasion. Thank you for giving me back my son!” –Barbara, CA

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