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Why Are Minerals More Important Than Ever?

Experts estimate that around 90 percent of Americans suffer from a mineral deficiency or imbalance. This is alarming because when consumed in proper ratios, ionic trace minerals have a profound effect on your overall health and wellness. However, these essential building blocks have become increasingly difficult to consume through your diet due to modern aggressive farming techniques that have stripped the soil of many of its minerals and nutrients. Because consuming the proper amounts of these essential minerals through your diet is difficult, consider taking a high-quality mineral supplement to restore mineral balance to support health and wellness. What kind of difference can healthy mineral levels make in your life?

Something to Consider

Using a high-quality mineral supplement may be more important than ever when you consider the top reasons for deficiency:

  1. Depleted Soil & Aggressive Farming Practices
    Studies show that our food does not have the same nutritional value as it once did. Experts have estimated that America has lost up to 75% of its nutrient rich topsoil. Due to widespread use of glyphosate and other toxic chemicals applied to many crops, the beneficial soil bacteria (whose role is to deliver nutrients to the roots) are killed, making the soil sterile and the food lacking in nutritional value.
  2. Poor Diet
    People just do not eat as healthy as they should. It is estimated that less than 5% of the population eats minimal RDA’s for fruits and vegetables.
  3. Digestion & Elimination Trouble.
    Our standard diet piles on years of undigested waste in our intestinal tract. This buildup hinders the absorption of nutrients.
  4. Use of Drugs
    Prescription and over the counter drug use is known to interfere with mineral absorption. Furthermore, minerals are often depleted when your body metabolizes drugs and OTC products.
  5. Cheap Supplements
    When it comes to minerals, cheap products made from inferior sources force your body to work harder just to get rid of the unused and sometimes toxic minerals/metals.

Minerals are the Foundation

Vitamins are necessary for a healthy life, but your body depends upon minerals to be able to provide the vitality you need for health and longevity. Vitamins cannot be produced or function without minerals. Minerals are the basic building blocks of the body. There is no way to exaggerate the importance to your health of obtaining abundant ionic trace minerals every day. The trace elements necessary for vitamin production are almost non-existent in much of our food supply unless you choose organically grown or grow your own garden. Mineral content determines the vitamin content. This means that commercial produce has marginal nutritional value at best. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly supplement our diet with proper ionic minerals in order to be healthy.

We are electro-magnetic beings, and the water in our bodies is the conductor of electricity. Without abundant ionic trace minerals, we lose the ability to conduct electricity properly throughout the body. Therefore, the body’s ability to move amino acids and glucose into the cells is severely limited (except fat cells, which still absorb glucose and continue to grow, and thus we gain weight easily.) Without the proper balance of amino acids, your body cannot grow and repair. Without glucose, your cells have no energy fuel. We must have electrons donated by minerals for every cellular biochemical reaction, thus a mineral deficiency creates serious consequences for your health.  Help to guard against trace mineral deficiencies by taking Healthy Habits® MINEREX®.

Only Ionic Minerals are Effective

If you are adding supplemental minerals to your diet, they should be ionic minerals. Ionic minerals are water soluble which is important for your water-based body. Ionic minerals have an electrical charge that allows them to move freely into the cells to participate in beneficial cell function. Ionic minerals are found in fresh-water ground deposits where oceans once existed, and in the oceans. No matter how much a mineral may be mixed, pulverized, powdered or derived from decayed plant materials, a mineral cannot be absorbed unless it conducts electricity and is able to cross the cell membrane. Non-ionic minerals are of no use to the body and result in a net energy loss because it costs you energy to eliminate them from the body. Eventually, these mineral residues can become permanently deposited between the cells, contributing to atherosclerosis, heart disease, inflammation, vascular disease, and strokes.

Aim for a minimum of 600 mg. of essential ionic minerals daily, especially if you are unable to consume adequate organic produce. When looking at centenarian aging studies we notice that the countries with the greatest life expectancies all consume ionic minerals from the sea, especially from sea vegetation.

You Will Not Find Cheap Metallic Minerals Here

In MINEREX® we use Sentramin™–the finest North American plant-based and seabed ionic minerals. Ultra-Pure and direct from Mother Nature, our formula is gentle on your system, breaks down easily, and is designed to deliver results you will not find with cheap metallic colloidal minerals. Two capsules daily provide a generous 600 mg. dose of ionic trace minerals.

Healthy Habits® has been serving our customers for about 2 decades and we take great care to deliver only the safest and most effective ingredients in the ‘clinically studied’ doses for all our supplements.  Try it, and if you do not love it – you can simply call us to take advantage of our 365 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.


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