Chlorophyll Liquid 1 oz

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Supply: 1 fl oz
Suggested Serving: 1 ml / Day
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Chlorophyll (the blood of plants) is nearly identical to the blood of humans. It is no wonder that the green lifeblood of plants can benefit our bodies in many ways.*

Studies Suggest That Liquid Chlorophyll:

  • Supports healthy oxygenation*
  • Supports healthy blood cleansing*
  • Supports reduced binding of toxins to the liver and other organs*
  • Supports natural chelation of heavy metals*
  • Supports alkalization*
  • Supports the natural elimination toxins from the body*
  • Supports healthy energizing and strengthening cells*
  • Supports a healthy immune system*
  • Supports a healthy digestive system*
  • Supports the natural deodorization of the body and bowel*

Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants that captures the energy of the sun during photosynthesis. For years people have used chlorophyll as a dietary supplement to help cleanse, purify and detoxify the body. It acts as an “internal deodorant” that neutralizes normal body odors, protects and supports healthy cellular function and more.*

Our concentrated formula provides a month supply in a convenient 1 oz. bottle. Just 1/2 dropper daily gives you a meaningful 100 mg of high quality chlorophyll fortified with BioVitale-H2O®. It has a pleasant, clean, healthy taste and can be taken straight or mixed with a variety of beverages.


Healthy Habits® has been serving our customers for about 2 decades now and we take great care to deliver only the safest and most effective ingredients in the ‘clinically studied’ doses for all of our supplements.  Try it and if you don’t love it – you can simply call us to take advantage of our 365 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.




5.00 out of 5

1 review for Chlorophyll Liquid 1 oz

  1. 5 out of 5

    Rating by msbegazo677711 on October 15, 2019 :

    I have only tried this product once and that was enough for me at first I thought nothing is happening, but then I notice as I ran out of this the difference in my body. I will sure come back to get some more this time I will get 3 bottles. Thank you, for such a great product.

  2. Rating by Joy on December 24, 2018 :

    “The liquid Chlorophyll product is the greatest product I’ve ever tried. A dropper full into a glass of water is like a burst of energy. It’s extremely clean and fresh, and feels like you’re giving yourself an instant detox. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to fill their body with the best energy supplement around!” –Kathleen, NY

  3. Rating by Joy on December 24, 2018 :

    “The Liquid Chlorophyll helps balance the pH in my body and works as a blood cleanser for me. I really love this product.” –Vera, IN

  4. Rating by Joy on December 24, 2018 :

    “The chlorophyll is perfect for the digestive tract.” –Johnnie, OH

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