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Improve Your Water, Improve Your Life

Most babies are born healthy, hydrated and alkaline. As we age our bodies often become more toxic and acidic.

Transform ordinary water in just minutes

Now you can transform ordinary tap water into alkaline water fast! Just add water to the Healthy Habits® IonPod® to raise the pH and lower the ORP in less than five minutes—all without electricity and bulky, expensive machines.  It’s easy to use and easy to maintain. You can use it to alkalize hot, cold or room temperature water safely.

The Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) is a measurement of oxidizing agents in drinking water. A positive ORP indicates oxidation, like rust on metal (aging/deteriorating) potential whereas a negative ORP indicates antioxidant (anti-aging/beneficial) potential. Tap water, many bottled waters and other beverages have a positive ORP.

IonPod® water has a negative (up to -153) ORP after about  five minutes, which means your drinking water now offers powerful antioxidant benefits.

  • Creates silky smooth, fresh tasting water in minutes
  • Increases hydration
  • Alkalizes pH by up to 2000
  • Generates negative ORP antioxidant water
  • Contains silver spheres
  • Purge your body of toxins & acids
  • Reusable stainless steel construction
  • You can drink straight from it
  • Take it with you on the go
  • Use it daily & watch your acid levels drop
  • Alkalize & energize ordinary water or purified water

The Healthy Habits® IonPod® contains two proprietary mineral pods which are the secret behind the transformation. This state-of-the-art technology utilizes the minerals in tourmaline, maifanshi, zeolite and nano-silver to enhance, purify and ionize the water, while raising the pH to an optimal level, for improved hydration, detoxification and protection of your cells.

The IonPod® is portable and lightweight (less than 15 ounces), and is made using high quality stainless steel. It holds up to 13 ounces of water. The bulky water alkalizing machines cost up to $4000. Save a fortune and get the original alkalizing water bottle– The IonPod® exclusively from Healthy Habits®.

Want to see how acidity is affecting you? Use the pH Test Strips from Healthy Habits®. Test your urine and use another strip to test your saliva (nothing in your mouth for 30 minutes prior to testing). Test both urine and saliva at the same time of day.

pH Rules:

  • Urine pH should be between 6.0 and 6.5
  • Saliva pH should be between 6.5 and 6.8 (nothing in mouth)
  • Saliva pH should not be lower than urine pH
  • The total of urine pH and saliva pH should be close to 12.8




  1. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “I have been using the IonPod for three weeks and noticed within days an improvement in my digestive problems that I have had for about 40 years. My husband has also been using the IonPod and has had to cut down on his insulin at night.” –Norma, CA

  2. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “I have tried many different ionizing contraptions in the past. All of them work but the water they created always tasted terrible. I like the IonPod because it’s affordable, it works and the water tastes great. I prefer the taste of IonPod water over regular water because it is so refreshing.” –Loraine, MI

  3. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “I love the IonPod. I am a diabetic, so I am very concerned about what goes into my body. Since I have been drinking from the IonPod I have much more energy. This works better for me than my sister’s $4000 water ionizing machine. I recommend the IonPod to all of my friends and family.” –Glendora, TX

  4. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “I had terrible swelling in my ankle. I have been drinking the IonPod alkaline water for a few weeks now. The swelling in my ankle is now gone. I can’t tell you how much of a relief it is to not have that swollen ankle anymore.” –Vicki, MA

  5. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “I used to test my urine pH everyday on awakening. I used baking soda in my water to keep a good pH. I now use my IonPod all day and still keep a good pH. The water tastes better and I feel better about not putting so much sodium in my system.” –Rose, IL

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