Healthy Heart & Bones D3 + K2

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The “Power Couple” for a Healthy Heart & Strong Bones

Hopefully by now everyone is aware of the essential role of healthy vitamin D3 levels for healthy immunity. To learn more, please read this fascinating article about the many benefits of vitamin D3.

It’s a sad fact: Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the #1 causes of death in the world, and it is certainly the case here in the USA. A common symptom and marker for CVD is “atherosclerosis”, a buildup of calcium deposits and fatty material in the arteries. This and/or elevated blood calcium levels can make people more susceptible to heart attacks and stroke. These devastating outcomes can permanently alter or end your life.

Then there is the life-threatening condition of osteoporosis. Bones act as storage rooms for fatty acids and minerals to be made available when your body needs them. Minerals are continuously being recycled through your bones – deposited and then released through the bloodstream to get to other parts of your body as required. Every lifestyle and dietary decision you make has an impact for good or ill on the health, strength and density of your bones, teeth and spine.

The true cause of osteoporosis is the body working to correct imbalances in the body’s chemistry. Therefore, achieving biochemical balance is essential to prevent and reverse osteoporosis. Hip and vertebral fractures are considered the most serious results of this biochemical imbalance. There is substantial evidence that significant improvements can be made in bone density and strength that don’t include the use of dangerous prescription medications that prevent old dead bone from being removed, leading to dense but brittle bones.

The Link
Scientists are finding a link between CVD and osteoporosis. They have observed that individuals with CVD have a higher risk of experiencing bone loss, and thus a greater disposition to risk of fracture. There is also growing evidence that people with low bone mass have a higher mortality for cardiovascular events compared with those with normal bone mass. There are likely a multitude of complex reasons, but calcification of the arteries and bone mineralization share multiple mechanisms in common. Lack of adequate exercise also plays a role in development and worsening of both osteoporosis and CVD.

The Breakthrough
Abnormal calcium metabolism can wreak havoc on your body if left unchecked. By now, everyone has heard about the importance of maintaining healthy vitamin D levels. Vitamin D has an essential role in ensuring that calcium is absorbed easily into the bones (and many other benefits not discussed here). But it can’t do it alone. Many people are unaware that the sunshine vitamin has a “soulmate”, so to speak: Vitamin K2. These two fat-soluble vitamins play a central role in calcium metabolism. Combined, D3 and K2 ensure that calcium is absorbed easily and reaches the bone mass, while preventing arterial calcification– helping to keep your heart and bones healthy.

Vitamin D promotes the production of vitamin proteins which require the presence of vitamin K2 in order to function properly. Vitamin K2 activates the calcium-binding actions of two proteins — matrix GLA protein and osteocalcin, which help to build and maintain healthy bones and teeth. Scientists agree that for maximum effect in the body, MK-7 (natural long chain Menaquinone-7) is the optimal source of vitamin K2. K2 helps deposit calcium into your bones and teeth where it belongs, preventing it from lodging in soft tissues and on artery walls, thereby also reducing risk of heart disease.

Doing It Right
Since D3 and K2 are fat soluble vitamins, always take Healthy Heart & Bones during a meal containing fish oil soft gels such as Healthy Habits PureFect Omega-3 Fish Oil, grass-fed butter, flax oil, walnut oil, avocado or extra virgin olive oil. Vitamin F (healthy fat) works together with vitamin D3 and K2. Insufficient good fats in the diet may lead to hair loss, hives, eczema, edema, dry eyes, elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels, dry skin, brittle nails, obesity and more. Supplementing vitamin D3 without consuming adequate good fats at the same time can make these problems worse!

Test Regularly for Vitamin D
One-third of all fall-related deaths are attributed to low bone density. Blood tests for vitamin D should be done like clockwork every six months. Schedule it now and mark your calendar six months out. Home test for vitamin D (and more information):  Maintain your vitamin D level between 100~150 nmol/L . Since vitamins D & K are fat soluble, they can potentially build up to unhealthy levels. Testing is vital to help you maintain blood levels in the optimal range and is important!

Healthy Heart & Bones is a perfect partner to our ever-popular Circulation with EDTA for steadily removing calcium deposits and preventing new ones. A Hair Mineral Analysis (a unique and important report based on your own hair sample) is recommended if you believe high tissue calcium may be an issue for you.

To clear up any confusion—there are two forms of vitamin K: K1 is found in green leafy vegetables and is therefore readily available in the diet of most humans. It assists with healthy blood clotting, as does K2. But K2 works differently and rarely shows up in the diets of those eating a western diet (but is more common in Japan). A tiny amount of K2 can be synthesized by the gut flora from K1, but it varies for each of us. Researchers have found that supplementing with K2 combined with D3 makes a dramatic difference for a variety of issues, ranging from cardiovascular health, bone health, glucose metabolism, and likely much more.

Healthy Habits® has been serving our customers for about 2 decades now and we take great care to deliver only the safest and most effective ingredients in the ‘clinically studied’ doses for all of our supplements. Try it and if you don’t love it – you can call us to take advantage of our 365 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Caution: people taking blood thinning drugs such as Coumadin®/Warfarin therapy should avoid taking vitamin K2 in supplement form. Request that your doctor switch you to aspirin therapy or one of the newer anticoagulant drugs instead since Coumadin® is proven to cause bone loss and fractures.

To learn more about the multiple risk factors that can lead to osteoporosis please read this Healthy Habits article.


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