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Electron Activated Crystalline Structured Water

Water Holds Memory

Naturalist and scientist Johanne Grander revealed that water is like a liquid tape recorder, storing information and vibrational frequencies, even after physical substances or pollutants are removed.*

No matter what filtration or purification process it goes through the distorted frequencies and memory remain in the water.*

For centuries (vapor to rain), distorted frequencies from waste products of billions of people and animals have been recorded in the water. All water on earth, even distilled, is recycled and very low in oxygen levels.

Pure Water Hoax

There is no pure water. Only at birth, within our cells, may water be found in its pure state. However due to exposure to stress, pollutants, and radiation it loses its original geometric properties and begins to destabilize.*

Original geometries of water have changed not only within our cells but within our environment. Unless the structure of water is permanently changed, the memories of viruses, pathogenic bacteria, parasites and spores will continue to spontaneously develop in water.*

The Simple Truth

Today’s water is imprinted with the frequency and memory of distortions, it is low in oxygen and low in electrons; two critical factors which give water it’s cleansing properties. The simple truth is, changing the geometrical structure and properties of water, allows it will accept free electrons is the key factor. By rapid expansion and contraction of water molecules it is possible to break the extremely tight hydrogen bonds releasing the frequency and distorted frequencies.*

Our patent-pending proprietary process is proven to be the only system in the world that finds distorted frequencies and removes them while increasing the electron potential and oxygen levels in water. Our process increases the angle between the hydrogen atoms providing a 10 degree differential, increasing the viscosity of water, and producing water that has a crystalline structure at room temperature that’s dodecahedronal (12 planes). Altering the molecular property of water so it will accept free electrons is the key factor.*

The Foundation of Life

Water is the single most important substance for life on our planet. All living beings are made up of large amounts of water. We humans consist of over 60% water. Copious amounts of water are organized in multiple layers at the surface of intracellular structural proteins, cellular membranes and DNA. It is therefore vital to have healthy ‘living’ water to sustain us.*

Water is responsible for all interactions that control cell behavior and ultimately dictates the state of well-being.*

Resonant patterns, metabolic efficiency, organ homeostasis, cellular communication, nutrient delivery, detoxification, diffusion and molecular movements are all dependent on the cells receiving quality and properly structured water molecules.*

All chemical reactions in plants and animals that support life take place in a water medium. Water provides the medium to make these life-sustaining reactions possible. In short, the chemistry of life is water chemistry.*

Crystalline Structure

Unlike other water purifying systems, our electron enhanced water continues to purify itself. Due to the dodecahedronal crystalline structure of the water it also has the ability to store and transmit energy. Some believe the dodecahedron represents an idealized form of Divine thought, will or idea.*

BioVitale-H2O® has no competition. There are more molecules in BioVitale-H2O® water clusters and the clusters have a stronger bond, an amazing 12-faced crystalline cluster. Considering this, we can begin to see how the unique properties of BioVitale-H2O® are unparalleled and essential to purifying our bodies and the environment.*

Dosing Details:  BioVitale-H2O® is a concentrate. For the first 7 days, take 1 dropper under the tongue 3x/daily. Thereafter, add 4 droppers to 1-gallon water; 2 droppers to ½ gallon; 1 dropper to quart/liter; & min. of ½ dropper to any quantity 16 oz. or less.  It may also be consumed undiluted.  “One dropper” is only half full, and contains approximately 20 drops or 1 ml. (These instructions are clarification for the label’s Suggested Use.)

Healthy Habits® has been serving our customers for about 2 decades now and we take great care to deliver only the safest and most effective ingredients in the ‘clinically studied’ doses for all of our supplements.  Try it and if you don’t love it – you can call us to take advantage of our 365 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.




  1. Rating by Joy on December 24, 2018 :

    “I feel much better using this product and the water tastes better too. After using BioVitale-H2O® for over a year I never want to be without it.” –Ruth, AR

  2. Rating by Joy on December 24, 2018 :

    “I have been taking BioVitale-H2O® drops for a month now and I can truly say it works wonders! I put a dropper full in every 8 oz. of water as well as a dropper full in my water pitcher. Now I feel revitalized and energetic. I sleep better and feel really healthy again. I am now back to running 2 miles a day easily as well as returning to my favorite sports activities like skiing and swimming. Also, I can work on my design projects for much longer hours with NO fatigue. Thank you so much Healthy Habits® for saving my health with BioVitale-H2O®. I will continue to buy BioVitale-H2O® and other products from you, most definitely!” –Vivien, OR

  3. Rating by Joy on December 24, 2018 :

    “I just got my order of BioVitale-H2O® and used it for the first time. I have lung issues, and after putting the product under my tongue I immediately began to see results. I started coughing up all of the mucous in my lungs. I am so amazed by how fast the BioVitale-H2O® started working for me. I just had to call in and let you know about my experience right away.” –Joelle, IL

  4. Rating by Joy on December 24, 2018 :

    “I have been using BioVitale-H2O® for several months and have noticed an improvement in my balance. Before, I could not stand on one foot for more than a second or two. Now there is no limit.” –Harold, AZ

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