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Quality Counts

Quality Vitamins

Vitamin A

The many published research papers showing the additional bioavailability and health benefits of the other carotenoids (alpha, gamma, lutein and lycopene) over beta-carotene make using just beta-carotene an outdated practice. Full spectrum Vitamin A costs 200-300% more than beta-carotene alone, that’s probably why you don’t see it in cheap, low quality store brands.


Vitamin B

The inactive forms most often found in supplements are not ready to be utilized by the body. They require conversion into their active forms before they can be used in the body’s biochemical reactions. We use a majority of active forms so that they may be immediately put to use within your body. They cost as much as 600-1000% more than non-active forms. That is probably why you don’t see them in cheap, low quality store brands. We balance those active form with non-actives that take longer for the body to convert and put to use. This gives you an immediate energy boost and a consistent level throughout the day.


Vitamin C

We use calcium ascorbate, a less acidic, highly absorbable source of vitamin C to buffer the pH of ascorbic acid (the most common vitamin C source). This makes our vitamin C less acidic and easier on the stomach. It’s not widely used by other companies. We suspect that is because it costs up to 200% more than ascorbic acid.


Vitamin D

A 2006 article appearing in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition points out that the vitamin D commonly used in the fortification of milk and foods, is inferior to the natural form, for several reasons. Cholecalciferol is the naturally occurring form of vitamin D. It is the substance made when sunlight strikes your bare skin. That is why we use it instead of the cheap, low quality alternatives.


Vitamin E

Many supplements contain synthetic vitamin E! Dl-alpha tocopherol is a synthetic vitamin E. We use the a natural full spectrum vitamin E (D-Alpha Tocopherol, other mixed tocopherols and tocotrientols). While the science behind this is complex, what needs to be known is simple. The bioavailability of natural forms of vitamin E is higher than that of synthetic forms. Do you wonder why you don’t see it used more often? Maybe it’s because full spectrum vitamin E costs 500-750% more than synthetic E.


Quality Minerals

Gastrointestinal Friendly & Truly Chelated Minerals

Minerals are notoriously difficult for the body to absorb. Our main mineral supplier is world-renowned. They are the only mineral manufacturer that has been able to demonstrate that its patented, chelated mineral technology produces superior bioavailabiltiy.

Chelated minerals occur when minerals such as zinc, manganese, magnesium, copper, iron, calcium, and others are bonded to amino acids. The body is very efficient at absorbing amino acids. Therefore, it allows a mineral chelated to an amino acid to be carried along with its amino acid into the intestinal wall.

Numerous clinical studies performed by leading universities and independent researchers demonstrate the superior bioavailability of true mineral chelates. True organic mineral chelates cost as much as 100% more than their inorganic counter parts. That’s probably why you don’t see them used more often.


No Calcium Carbonate

Calcium carbonate is the least expensive and most commonly used form of calcium. Studies show that it is much more difficult for the body to absorb than the calcium forms we use at Healthy Habits® Why don’t other companies see the small added cost of this to be worth it for their customers? Read your labels!


Quality Botanicals

Standardized Herbal Extracts

Standardized extract are in many cases necessary to ensure you are getting the beneficial substances found in herbs. For example, we could sell you 100 mg of ginkgo biloba but it may contain only 5% or 5 mg of the actual beneficial substance. A standardized extract will contain nearly 5 times the amount of the beneficial substance. Read your labels carefully! Look for standardized herbs! Quality products produce quality results!

Welcome to Healthy Habits! Please note that this website is no longer active.
Visit us at HealthyHabits.com for product details and to place an order. Thanks!